jquery flicker in firefox

Wow. Ok, here’s an interesting one.

So, I’m building a slider for a client where you have a container DIV with a number of child DIV’s inside of it to display individual pieces of content per slide. The premise of this is the same as a number of sliders that are out there built in JQuery. Upon a click, the DIV just moves to the left or right to display different parts.

The way you normally hide everything that’s not appearing in the window is by using:

  1. div { overflow: hidden; }

Easy enough. Or so I thought. The problem here is very specific. It actually only occurs on PC versions of Firefox, and even then, only when the content is sliding behind other content on the page. For example, if my slider is floating to the right, and I have some different content floating to the left, as the slider is sliding, the content on the left will start flickering uncontrollably in Firefox on the PC.

This boggled my mind. Especially as it didn’t occur in any other browser out there, even IE6. The solutions going to kill you… well maybe… it killed me.

The Fix:
Simply specify the plane of the overflow.  So, if your slider is going horizontally use:

  1. div { overflow-x: hidden; }

And if your slider is going vertically use:

  1. div { overflow-y: hidden; }

Yeah… That’s it.  Literally about 2 hours of head scratching and teeth gnashing and nearly window punching boiled down to the addition of 2 lousy characters.

Well, live and learn right?  Hopefully if you’ve found this post and have the same problem you can save yourself some tape dispenser hurling.